A Gorgeous Kalabari Bride In Her Unique Traditional Wedding Attire

First, one of the most important things you need to know is that the independent Kalabari Kingdom or Elem Kalabari of the Niger Delta are an Ijaw ethnic group, which is the fourth largest ethnic group in Nigeria. The Kalabari Kingdom is in Rivers state precisely, with Buguma as its capital, and Ijaw is their native language.

As a Kalabari bride getting married, you’re definitely going to experience one of the most colorful cultures in Nigeria. Apart from the visibly bright colors of fabrics and accessories you’d wear, there is so much life from the cultural practices and dance at a Kalabari wedding. According to Kalabari customs, the wedding is done at the bride’s place where all the guests are well fed.

The Kalabari Brides are usually richly accessorized with a beaded hat, big red coral neck beads and unique gorgeous fabric skirt with a pretty blouse to fit. Although an expensive wedding, a Kalabari wedding is one with interesting traditional marriage rites.

SOURCE: Instagram