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    A Northern Belle: Kamau Collection Is Made With Love For The Hausa Bride

    The Northern part of Nigeria has one of the richest and most beautiful cultures you would ever see and if you’ve had the privileged of attending their weddings you know the Kamau is an integral part of the 4 day event. Bridal stylist Ruvero fabrics said the collection was born out of love for the Northern brides.

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    The styling of the north bride stays very moderate and decent but yet sophisticated, elegant and heavily embellished. George fabric is a perfect representation of what the north loves, it isn’t restricted to ethnicity, age groups or religion, the George fabric can be worn by everyone.


    The Kamu collection springs out from the Kamu northern ceremony, This ceremony is centred on the bride, during this ceremony the bride is styled with heavily embellished fabrics, pieces of jewellery, hennas, lally adornments, turban headgear and veil to cover her face. Expensive Perfumes are sprayed on the bride before she is unveiled. The Kamu collection clearly exhibits our luxury 3D Net Georges and lace George fabrics which can be tailored into diverse styles as illustrated by different Abuja Based designers in this collection. Every piece exudes luxury, elegance and an ideal combination of sophisticated modern styling.

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    photo Credit: George By Ruvero Fabrics

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