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    A Union Orchestrated By A Friend! Tola & Tayo’s Pre-wedding Shoot + Love Story

    A friend thought they would be good together and decide to link them up. Surprisingly, the link became interesting for both parties and soon it turned into a loving relationship. 3 years of a rosy friendship filled with laughter, love and happiness, Tayo decided the time was right to ask the big question.
    The pre-wedding shoot and love story of Tola and Tayo is everything you have dreamed of. It is nothing short of exciting.

    Here’s Tolu, the bride-to-be account of how they met:
    We both have different versions to this story, however, I’d be sharing mine. I was single at the time and I had mentioned it to my elder sister’s friend Taiwo (special S/O to her).
    She immediately told me she had a friend that she thinks would be perfect for me as he was very responsible and professional. I was like “professional? boyfriend or business partner?” She gave him my number and told him to call me as I was her baby.

    He actually didn’t call for a while (he claimed he was busy with work – traveling), and only called after a week or two. When he finally called, he asked to come see me and I obliged.
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    My first impression was “this guy is short o”. He got to mine at about 7pm, we got talking and I remember I kept laughing and had such a good time.

    Here’s the proposal story by Tolu, the bride-to-be:
    We dated for over three years before he proposed in August last year (2019) in an intimate gathering with my family and his. I don’t exactly remember all he said because I kept laughing. I’m looking forward to forever with you T!

    Photographer: awgzz
    Planner: partitobyronniewedding

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