Abena And Reginald’s Kente Traditional Wedding Is Mind-Blowing!

We love how absolutely rich Ghanaian traditional weddings are, we love most especially the splash of beautiful African prints. Abena and Reginald’s traditional wedding showcased the beautiful side of the amazing Ghanaian culture, what more? Their Kente is a total fave. Before getting into the details of their trad day, we’d share their awesome love story with you. Abena had a day out with her girlfriends on the fateful day she met our African prince, Reginald. Reginald who happened to be around spotted Abena whilst in a conversation with a mutual friend of his who was among the girls.                                                              instantly taken by her, he asked for Abena’s name and the mutual friend had to call Abena over to introduce the two of them. Regrettably, Reginald couldn’t exchange contact because he had a flight to catch. But Cupid wasn’t done as gorgeous Abena bumped into Reginald on another day at the Labadi Beach Hotel car park. He offered to drop her off at home and then walked her off to her doorstep. Before leaving, he finally summoned the courage to ask for her phone number which Abena gladly gave out to him. The two started talking and chatting. They talked and chat in bed, sofa, Kitchen, at work and even whilst driving, they were so in love! One day the couple went fruit picking and had their first fruit date. Afterward, they had a dinner date set, and our cute groom being so convinced that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Abena took a stroll with her and proposed marriage. And of course, she excitedly said yes!

Jema Photography| Urban Phlicks