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    Inside Abisoye And Collins’ Beautiful White Wedding. Thanks To NYSC For The Connection!

    NYSC gives a lot of opportunities. It brings different people from different backgrounds together. People have been able to find their life partners through this connection just as in the case of Abisoye and Collins.

    Abisoye and Collins are two different people from different backgrounds. NYSC brought them together and the journey of their love began.

    These two were posted to the same state. They formed a deep connection at the NYSC orientation camp and after camp, they continued their love affair. Now, it’s a lifetime affair for Abisoye and Collins as they tie the knot in a white wedding.

    Abisoye made a gorgeous bride in her stunning white wedding gown. Collins complemented her in his dashing outfit. The lovebirds looked perfect as a couple.

    Enjoy their meet-cute story and white wedding photos.

    Their meet-cute story as shared by Collins:

    Abisoye and I met at NYSC Camp through mutual friends. Before we were introduced, I had seen her earlier in the day at Mami market purchasing a power bank and she looked overwhelmed. I tried to get her attention but she walked right past me; didn’t even notice me or look in my direction.

    Well, as fate would have it, we were formally introduced through friends that night. Most of her friends were in my platoon, so she would come over to hang and I always saved her a seat… we got closer over time.

    We got to know each other better and became really great friends. During our last week on camp I asked her if she had plans on relocating or traveling for her master’s degree, because I knew I was relocating soon. I saw a future with her and I didn’t want to miss out on it.

    We started dating right after camp and I made sure my last few months before relocating were memorable. Our relationship became a long distance relationship for a year before she moved for her master’s. The rest, as they say, is history.

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