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    Alabama Woman, Kelsey Hatcher, With Rare Double Uterus Gives Birth To A Healthy Set Of Twin Baby Girls

    Alabama woman Kelsey Hatcher, who has a rare double uterus has given birth to two babies.

    On Friday, December 22nd, the hospital treating her announced that the Alabama woman Kelsey Hatcher, had delivered a set of twins.

    In what doctors are calling a “one-in-a-million” pregnancy, Kelsey Hatcher, 32, delivered a set of twin daughters, one of whom was in each womb, at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) hospital.

    On Tuesday, the woman gave birth to her first baby Roxi Layla after 20 hours of labour, and on Wednesday, she gave birth to her second baby Rebel.

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    The happy mother shared the news on Instagram. She posted photos of herself and her babies while in the hospital.

    She said in the hospital’s press release:

    “Never in our wildest dreams could we have planned a pregnancy and birth like this … but bringing our two healthy baby girls into this world safely was always the goal, and UAB helped us accomplish that.

    It seems appropriate that they had two birthdays, though. They both had their own ‘houses’, and now both have their own unique birth stories.”

    Hatcher was first diagnosed with uterus didelphys, or a double uterus, at the age of 17. The condition is a rare uterine anomaly seen in only 0.3% of women.

    The latest delivery is Hatcher’s fourth pregnancy. She has previously delivered babies from one uterus at a time only.

    Weeks into this latest pregnancy, Kelsey noticed bleeding and made an appointment for an ultrasound, as those with double uteruses have higher rates of miscarriages.

    During the appointment, doctors discovered Hatcher had an additional fetus forming in her left uterus.

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