Beautiful Actress-Singer Aly Michalka Is Expecting 1st Baby With Husband Stephen Ringer

Actress and singer Aly Michalka is expecting her first baby with her filmmaker husband Stephen Ringer.

Aly Michalka and Stephen Ringer have been married since 2015.

Aly found out she was pregnant in September — one day before she and her sister AJ Michalka played a sold-out concert at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles in September.

The pregnancy arrives nine years into Aly and Ringer’s marriage. While they’ve always wanted a family, the pair wanted to wait until after she returned home from touring last year to begin planning.

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So far, the pregnancy has been without abnormalities. Aly’s found herself craving tacos and birria but nothing “crazy,” and she’s been seeking advice regarding what to buy and how to prepare from her mom Carrie as well as multiple friends who are also currently pregnant.

Aly Michalka wrote a lengthy post on Instagram about her pregnancy:

“We found out the morning of our sold-out show at The Greek Theatre back in September. Our little one has been on stage with me across three states already and has even done some international traveling! Thankfully with some help from @natalistco, I’ve been able to have a smooth journey. I picked up their product last summer at a pharmacy because I loved that they were plastic neutral and the packaging set itself apart. Their ovulation test kit and pregnancy tests were super easy to use and affordable 😌 Now I’m applying their belly oil daily to keep my tummy nice and hydrated ‘til baby arrives!

We’re waiting to find out the gender cuz I’ve always loved a good surprise, but in the meantime we’ve been busy getting the nursery ready, meeting with my birth team, eating more protein than usual, going to Pilates, getting good sleep, and drinking lots of water. Somehow we’ve been able to still spend days in the studio writing music which hopefully finds its way into baby’s soul. I’m so grateful for all the amazing women I’ve leaned on these past 6 months (you know who you are) it makes me hopeful about the goodness in the world 💜 #natalistpartner”

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