Amanda And Uche Fell In Love With Each Other’s Pictures And What Followed Was A Perfect Fairytale. Enjoy Their Love Story And Wedding Photos

The saying “first impression matters” come into play in Amanda and Uche’s love story.

Amanda and Uche fell in love with each other’s pictures before getting to meet physically. They connected on Facebook through an online scrabble game, and since then, they have spoken everyday until today.

Now, the lovebirds have tied the knot in a beautiful white wedding ceremony surrounded by the warmth of family and friends.

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Enjoy their love story and wedding photos.

How they met, as shared by Amanda:

I had an innocent crush on Uche for 10 years after I saw his picture on his parent’s silver jubilee program booklet but we never spoke. I just used to see him around and be like “damn you fine” in my head.

Fast forward to 10 years later in 2017, we started playing a Scrabble game online since we were Facebook friends, and one day he played a word that gave him a score of 100 plus points. I commented after he played the word “damn you are whooping my ass” and he laughed and said “I try sometimes”, and that was the beginning of forever because since then we have spoken every day until today. 😁 Now, I get to declare my love for him publicly in the presence of family, friends and well-wishers.

How they met, as shared by Uche:

This love story, for me, began in 2017 when I was in Abuja and Amanda was in India, even though I’m sure Amanda’s version probably began around 9 years earlier.

I have always known her family, but her, not so much. It wasn’t until early 2017 that I noticed her on my Facebook feed and thought to myself, “This babe is cute sha”.

I decided to send her an invite to play an online Scrabble game, which she accepted and we ended up bonding over. Especially after I played a few high scoring words, and she had to message me to “take it easy” with her 😄. And that was really the start of our forever story!

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