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    Inside Badeji And Oge’s Sweet Love Story + Colourful Igbo-Yoruba Traditional Wedding

    Oge and Badeji fell in love with each other and decided to seal their love in a beautiful Igbo-Yoruba traditional wedding.

    Badeji knew right from the first time he set eyes on Oge that she was going to be his life partner. Hence, the initial setback he faced when he was trying to win Oge’s heart did not deter him. Soon, it was a first phone call, then a first date, and now, happy ever after!

    Enjoy Badeji and Oge’s love story and wedding photos.

    Their meet-cute story as shared by Oge:

    I was on vacation in Nigeria and my friends and I decided to meet up for drinks. As we were leaving, a waiter hurriedly walked up to me and said “Someone said I should give you this.” It was a piece of paper with a number on it. I declined to collect the number and politely asked that He tells  “someone” to bring it himself. while I was walking away, I heard some call “Skuse me, skuse me” ( excuse me, excuse me) with a British accent. I was like what is this one saying?

    I looked back and saw a guy hoping on one foot. He was kinda cute and all. He asked for my number but I told him to give me his instead. I knew I was never going to call or so I thought at the moment. I was giving my sister the gist a few days later and she asked why I had not called. “Oge it seems You have forgotten You are in town on holiday, have fun, meet people You workaholic!” I looked at the number +444… hoping He would not be a UK / Nigerian baddie because I don’t have strength. But my gut said just text him. Lool.

    The moment I did he called back faster than you can say speed dial. Almost like he was waiting to hear from me. I have never regretted that decision. Badeji is such a gem. An all-round stand-up guy. He was absolutely different, a perfect gentleman I definitely fell for His personality.

    The rest of My holiday in Nigeria was so much fun with him. We were inseparable. I found in him first a friend and an absolute lover. I returned to the US and He to London but our dates got even more interesting and more frequent, and distance was not a barrier. A few months after He asked me to be his wife on the way back from a getaway trip.

    How they met, as shared by Badeji:

    Zaza set the stage for magic. I was hanging out with my boys when I spotted this elegant gorgeous lady who gave off so much confidence. At first sight, she gave me butterflies.

    I watched her all night and at the end of the night, as she was leaving with her friends, I discreetly asked the waiter to pass her my number. She refused to collect the number and told the waiter to ask me to bring the number myself. I had a sprained ankle from playing football the day before but I was not about to let this opportunity pass me by. I hopped up to her with one leg. ( so she says…lol)

    She refused to give me her number but told me she would call if and when she felt like ( little miss cheeky.) A week passed and just when I was wondering if I would ever get the call, a text message came through. She made me chase her, I jumped through hoops and mountains to get her. Minor, it’s nothing to a boss. I knew I wanted to marry her anyway from the moment I met her. The rest is what they say….“how I met your mother.”

    The proposal – Here’s how Badeji popped the question to Oge:

    Badeji: Oge is quite an oxymoron, she is very discreet but also very fancy. However, to my surprise, she expressed that she wanted a very quiet proposal. Fast forward to a flight to Paris, where I propose in a quiet, intimate moment. Her “Yes” is the best decision I’ve ever made.

    Oge: In our first month of meeting, he told me “All this shakara you are doing, I will still marry you.” Ah, the confidence. Marry who? Me? I will show you pepper. Fast forward, to after Queen O had fallen. I had told Him I did not want any dramatic proposal. I wanted intimate and quiet.

    So on our way back from Paris, I woke up to see him kneeling ( I was confused) in the cabin and noticed a ring on my finger. I made him kneel there for about five minutes because I was like “Ah, this is probably the last time you will ever kneel for me so just stay there small.” OMG, I got butterflies in My belly. It was such an amazing feeling. I was officially going to be Badeji’s wife. I said yes to Forever.

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