Best Thing Online Today Is This Couple’s Beautiful Pre-wedding Photos

With their wedding on the way, Tamera and Ty have shared their beautiful pre-wedding photos and it’s so beautiful. The couple also shared their sweet love stories and we can’t help but love them more.

Sharing their love story the couple said, “We actually went to the same high school, have the same mutual friends, but somehow we never met each other. We became Facebook friends later in life and we began to increasingly comment on each other’s posts, and that soon turned into an unspoken romance.

“I (Tamera) was the first one to make the move and we’ve been moving together ever since. For the proposal, I was having a girl’s night out with my friends and Ty pretended to be in for the night (pajamas on and all). As soon as I left, Ty put on his tux, grabbed the roses that he had hidden and drove to the venue to surprise me.

It was a couple of days before my birthday, and my friends told me to come up front, they wanted to sing Happy Birthday. He had planned ahead for the band to play “If This World Were Mine” by Luther Vandross, and walked toward me…I was absolutely shocked when I found out that all of my friends were in on the surprise as well!”

Photo Credit: Getty