5 Main Types Of Bouquet Every Bride Should Know About

There is a need to know the types of bouquets and how it affects your wedding theme

Selecting a bouquet is not just all about the flowers, there are different bouquets that are available however they could contradict with your intending party theme. The pride of every bride is to have her ladies eager to catch the bouquet, when the time comes. If you are planning to get married, you should get acquainted with this 5 main types of wedding flowers and know which you would be using for your special day.
1. Nosegay: This is bunch of focal coloured flowered packed tightly together right a top by a piece of fabric. This kind of bouquet is highly traditional and also popular.
2.Biedermeier: This type of bouquet is also very popular, especially in Nigeria. They are usually round a cut in uniform shape, while been wrapped round with a full fabric. they are arranged in a manner that creates a sense of uniform striped effect on the bouquet.
3. Cascade: As the name implies, Cascade bouquets create that waterfall effect, only this time it is achieved with flowers. The top of the bouquet is usually full, however it narrows down as it reaches the tip and creates that fall effect. It is not as common as the other types of bouquets, but it has its own beauty.
4. Composite: This type of bouquets is knot liked by the wider bridal audience in Nigeria. This type of bouquet is very simple and also very portable. it is usually made of one type of flower, with different flowers put together and tied up.
5. Single stem: This type of bouquet is very conservative. It is made up one single flower. It is a quiet way of having your bouquet.
Photo Credit: Getty