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    A Comprehensive Guide To Registry Office Weddings In Scotland

    A civil marriage is a secular (non-religious) ceremony that is conducted and registered by a registrar. No religious content is permitted in the ceremony.

    The registrars are employed by the council, who also provide the legal certificate and keep the official record of the marriage or civil partnership.

    Registry office weddings have become increasingly popular and more common nowadays. It’s a great option if you are after a wedding that is close and very intimate. Its also great if you are on a wedding budget.

    Below are all the information you need to plan an intimate registry office wedding in Scotland.

    Choose a registry office: With many registry offices everywhere. Make sure you choose wisely. Whether you want it local and somewhere near home or you might have a sentimental area in mind, pick whichever one feels right for you two.

    Visiting the registration office:

    After you have chosen a register office that you and your partner you should then visit.

    • Hand in notices of intention to marry or enter a civil partnership.
    • Hand in supporting documents not previously submitted with a notice form (such as a passport or other identity document)
    • Deal with any inquiries arising from your notices which cannot be dealt with by phone or in writing

    You both need to complete and return a Marriage notice form and you’ll be charged a fee to register your marriage. You need to return your forms and any other documents needed to the registrar at least 29 days before your wedding.

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    Bring documentation: 

    When you visit the registry office, the documentation you will need to bring along includes:

    • Proof of your name, age and nationality. (eg. valid passport, birth certificate, national identity card, etc)
    • If you’ve changed your name, you will need to bring proof along to support that.
    • Proof of address (eg. valid UK or EEA driving licence, recent gas or electricity bill, recent bank statement, etc)

    Ceremony fees: Depending on the date and time of your ceremony the cost will vary: £125-£365 in a Registration office. £345-£365 in a venue. £125 for a civil partnership registration with no ceremony, office based only.

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    You can get married in Scotland if you’re:

    • aged 16 or over
    • in an opposite sex or same sex relationship
    • not married or in a civil partnership with someone else
    • not closely related (see below for a list of relations you cannot marry)
    • capable of understanding what marriage means and of consenting to marriage

    Rules for Scotland registry offices:

    • No type of food or drinks are allowed in the rooms.
    • hymns or passages from the Bible are not permitted. Music and readings with religious connotations are not allowed at registry offices.
    • A friend or family member may only conduct your ceremony if they are legally authorised by a registrar
    • You are required to have at least two witnesses present.

    Scotland Registry Offices and Town Halls

    • Coldstream Registry Office
    • Duns registry Office
    • Eyemouth Registry Office
    • Galashiels and Selkirk Registry Office
    • Hawick Town Hall
    • Kelso and Jedburgh Registry office
    • Melrose and Lauder Registry office
    • Peebles and West Linton Registry Office

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