Anita Joseph And MC Fish The Couple Showing Us PDA Is An Essence In Relationships

Public display of affection (PDA) is one thing many have a diverse view about in relationships. Many believe that it is essential while others believe that he should be kept under the wraps and only done in intimate moments with just the two of you in the room as no one needs to know what your love looks like. Nollywood star Anita Joseph and MC Fish her husband constantly in the news for their bold love moves.

Anita Joseph And MC Fish The Couple Showing Us PDA Is An Essence In RelationshipsThe couple are never shy to show off their love and how much they are obsessed with each other even after 2 years of marriage. The couple are known to show acts of physical intimacy in the view of others without minding how others feel about it or if they are doing too much. From sharing their intimate prayer session online together to recording each other several times and posting on social media or even giving each other massages, slurpy kisses in public.

They have been dragged severally online for this but the couple have constantly shared how PDA strengthens their relationship and how it can for others. For them, if we publicly speak of bad marriages then happy marriages should show off as well. Showing that you love your partner in public assures the other person no one else matters and also boosts their confidence.

Loving your partner in public celebrates the beauty of love assuring others that everyone deserves something like this and one day they will experience it too. Anita Joseph and MC Fish’s love story and PDA encourage us that celebrity relationships are not a fluke and it will work.
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Photo Credit: Getty