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    Aww! Check Out Jackie Chan’s Daughter, Etta Ng’s Epic Love Story As She Marries The Love Of Her Life

    Jackie chan’s daughter Etta Ng,19, has recently tied the knot with her girlfriend Andi Autumn. The couple who revealed the news via Instagram on Sunday, November 25, shared a photo of Ng and Autumn with a marriage certificate that implies that they got married on the 8th of November. Ng who claimed via a youtube post in April, claims that her and her girlfriend had been homeless for a month, because of their “homophobic parents” refusal to accept their relationship. She also added that they had “pretty much slept under a bridge” because nobody would help them. She further reiterated that “Home is where love is. Home is safety and I know too many that do not feel safe within the environment they were given but the new tide is rising,” She added that she considers Hong Kong to be home. Photo Credit: Getty                                                                                                   “A home is with the family that you can choose and with that we are never alone.” “Love is undoubtedly stronger than blood,” Ng also continued alongside a picture of the duo superimposed on ornate architecture. “Everyone deserves love and not until I felt love can I be sure that understanding, connecting, attention and love in the face of hate can heal the most depraved of hearts. Love always wins


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    I’ve met you before Held your hand Kissed your cheek Called you my love but never a name Seldom a face . . Dejavu my love I’ve looked into these eyes before Spent a lifetime in the plays of my mind . . I’ve built a home Got over what was never expected so I was told . . I’ve held these hands before Never knew hands were meant to hold Till mine were held . . Then I knew . . I’ve met you before I’ve held your hand kissed your cheek Called you my love but never a name Seldom a face . . But things have changed Good riddance to pain Now a love that calls my name . . Dejavu my love When I kissed you goodnight I’ve seen these eyes Like sunshine A flashing sign . . I’m home, no ghosts.

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