Beautiful! Betty And Soni Irabor Birthday And Pre-birthday Messages To Each Other Is A Whole Mood

This couple just has a way of bringing that sweet smile out of you. Betty Irabor and her husband Soni Irabor’s birthdays are just two days apart and their sweet back and forth messages to each other is the big definition of beautiful. Celebrating her hubby’s birthday yesterday, Betty wrote that: “It’s hubby’s birthday today and here’s how we are dancing into a new chapter. God has promised to do a new thing in our lives and we are thankful for his blessings. Happy birthday @iraborsoni”

Her husband also had us smiling with his thoughtful message, he wrote that: Birthdays unfolding: 23rd and 25th March … to God be the glory. The toils, the joys, the highs, and the lows. Then we’re glad that God blesses us as we both diligently work, and duly pray, to be kind in word and deed as the days unfold. Then life goes on. Another chapter opens for a better tomorrow. Our new year just starting … thank you, Lord, for everything.

Photo Credit: Betty Irabor