Oh So Happy! Stunning Ruth Kadiri Covers KOKO Brides Latest Issue…Shares Her Big Day Low Down, Love And Life

If there’s one Nollywood star that Nigerians genuinely love and wants to know more about, then that star is Ruth Kadiri. With Millions of fans and well wishers all across the country and beyond, Ruth is an award-winning Nollywood veteran respected by all. Yet Nigerians aren’t just in love with her, they respect her and often wants to know about her life, love life and her big day. The wait is finally over as the stunningly beautiful actress Ruth Kadiri is the cover star for the latest issue of KOKO Brides Magazine. The elegant actress in an exclusive interview shared with us some very personal aspects of her private life, love life, career and of course her special day.
Read excerpts from the interview below; Is your husband in the entertainment industry? No he is not in the entertainment industry Who was Ruth Kadiri before the fame? A young girl who had dreams and aspirations. I fought hard to get what I want How has it been so far in the industry? Well right now it’s pretty easy and I would imagine that that’s what happened to a lot of people but at first it wasn’t…there was a lot of turbulence I would say..working hard to get the recognition and to keep getting the jobs but right now, it’s easy, it’s as easy as ABC Did your parents support you when you decided to go into the movie world? No, my dad wasn’t. My mum wasn’t even sure of what I was doing but I was pretty young so, am sure they saw it as youthful exuberance. They saw it as something I would outgrow you know…so that was also the good part of it. My dad sent me out of the house at some point cos I had to sleep out late and I came and said I was acting…am sure they thought it was something I would outgrow How were you able to cope with the challenges Like I said I have always known what I wanted and I came in as an actress and everybody was acting, nobody was giving me any role. I went in as a writer,I went to scriptwriting school specifically to learn how to write script, because I realise I had talent for storytelling. So I came back to the industry with a different dimension You studied mass communication and business administration, why did you not pursue a career in this field. I already wanted to act but I didn’t want to major in this aspect of my life cos incase I wake up one day and the industry is not working, there will always be something to fall back on. Also I figured pretty early you do not need a certificate to be an actress so why go to school and study acting when I can learn on the job and major in other things. Would you go naked for a movie role. When I was starting I did not go naked, why would I go naked now? What’s the craziest experience you have had on set? I don’t know…. What part of traditional wedding do you like and what’s your ideal kind of relationship. I have a lot of values. Am a Christian and I want to be a better Christian. I want someone who shares the same religious faith with me and someone who is level-headed. I want a father figure, I want somebody that I would respect and someone I can pray and communicate with. Someone we can grow together. Can you give up your career for marriage? Any marriage that demands me giving up my career is not worth it Tell us about your dream wedding and who you would love to be there? My dream wedding will be the kind no one will know about, I prefer a low key wedding. A low key wedding is best for me as there is a lot of pressure on marriages that involve entertainers. What are the things a man should possess before marriage He has to be financially ready to take care of a family cos in as much as a lot of people ignore it, money is a very essential tool. You don’t have to be necessary rich, but you have to be mentally ready to be able to financially take up a woman Tell us about a day you’d never forget The day God proved to me that he is with me…I asked for something and I got it…that day I would never forget. Do you believe in long distance relationship and can you cope with it? I can cope with anything as long as there is an understanding between my partner and I. Some people prefer long distance relationships, some prefer short…what ever rocks your boat You said why would a woman divorce her husband then become a side chick, so would you stay if your man cheats before marriage I feel at this point, I believe what ever rocks anyone’s boat. The fact that I can’t stay if someone cheats on me, doesn’t mean someone else can not stay. I am not here to judge any woman for leaving her partner if he cheats on her, I am here to judge you for leaving your partner for cheating on you and then you go sleep with someone else’s husband and stay there as a side chick…like really? In the past few weeks there has been comment about you gaining weight, what’s your thought on that? But you can see I have gained weight now, haven’t you? …I have never been a size 8 girl, I have never ever worried about my weight, it has never been an issue, and it won’t be Can you shed more light about your brand new business? I haven’t launched it yet…Ruth Kolors….I love colours a lot and a lot of people are into hair business and I thought to start a coloured hair business, so I started it. What’s your dream honeymoon country? Greece Any advice for brides to be? There will always be that moment where every bride will have doubts about marriage, so if you are going into marriage as a young bride, go into your marriage with the idea that there is no going back. When you no there is no way out, the way you handle issues knowing this will be different from how you handle it when you bah options. Advice for young girls looking up to it It is not going to be easy, our journeys will always be different, but no matter what you encounter, never give up and keep pushing.
Photo Credit: Brides Ng