#ShesaidAdo: Prince Malik & Adama Ado-Ibrahim Are Each Other’s Happy Place

Prince Malik and Adama Ado-Ibrahim tied the knot a few weeks ago in a beautiful and romantic ceremony but the couple have just decided to release their official pre-wedding photos and it is absolutely breathtaking.

The couple who chose to rock three different attires looked so in love and are definitely each other’s happy place. In the words of the bride:“@realmalikado “If you open my heart, you’ll find just you.” – JohnnyDrille 🎼 Count on You” Every look for the pre-wedding photo just further reminded us what it feels like to love and to be loved, holding the arms of our lover and resting on their strength and shoulders till forever.

Bride: Adama Indimi
Groom: Malik Ado Ibrahim
Photographer: Beidge Pictures