Sweet! Linda Ejiofor Suleiman Shares Why She Loves Traditional Weddings

Before we go straight into this feature, we must start by saying, “Called it!”. We love traditional weddings and we are so delighted that Linda Ejiofor Suleiman shares this sentiment. We must also add that she looked every inch the stunning bride on her trad day. Linda who married actor Ibrahim Suleiman stunned in her amazing traditional outfit. The Nigerian actress although doesn’t have enough experience about Northern weddings, she, however, said she loves traditional weddings the most.

She highlighted some of the features of the traditional weddings that she loves and we cannot but agree that she is 100% right. She said concerning the Yoruba wedding that: “I actually love Yoruba traditional weddings. Especially when the guy and his friends have to do all what the Alaga request. She says whine your waist … they all have to do as she says.” For the Igbo wedding, she said: ” For Igbo weddings, the bride has to go look for her husband with a glass of either palm wine, juice or malt. Then his friends try to convince her to give them the drink. And if she does, she’s going home with that guy, (not her supposed husband) if he drinks from the cup.”

Photo Credit: Getty