Check Out ‘Queen’ Elizabeth Third Wedding Outfit, Its Absolutely Beautiful!

Elizabeth’s third wedding outfit’s got us bedazzled as she looks absolutely stylish and equally elegant in them. The stunning bride donned a Yoruba Iro and Buba for her first look which was inspired by her mom’s love for the attire, after which she rocked an Igbo outfit to display her husband’s culture. Finally, she crowned the whole look by switching to a silver gown. Read below what motivated Elizabeth’s bridal outfits, style, and colours. My Yoruba outfit was inspired by my mother’s daily Iro and Buba which she wore after she got married to my father. I was brought up to believe that colours express different types of emotions and energy. Now that I’m an adult, it makes a lot more sense in my perception of colours. That’s why I picked the colours ebony, a mix of ivory and white. My mum always called my father and herself ebony and ivory. My dad was Yoruba and my mum is Russian this is why my first outfit was Iro and Buba. My second outfit was my Igbo traditional because my husband is Igbo. I didn’t want something busy because my style is elegant, calm and peaceful. Emerald blue also promotes healing and wellbeing, philosophically my life is hugely characterized by growth, renewal, and prosperity. Nevertheless, blue is also the colour of the sky and sea which connotes freedom.  Photo Credit: Tobi olajolo