Chris Brown Makes Effort To Win Back Rihanna’s Love

Chris Brown is making all possible attempts to win back the love Rihanna had for him, while they were still dating

Two days ago, Rihanna‘s home at the Hollywood Hills was burgled into, although the singer was not home at the time. Investigations have been carried on who the suspects were and Chris brown has also joined in solving the puzzle. It was reported that he sent his security team to help find out the culprits and also ensure maximum security of the singer. This act of genuine concern stems out of the fact that Chris Brown wants her back in his life. Recall that shortly after their breakup, Rihanna needed to be protected from Chris for his unruly behaviour towards her during the time of their affair. However, the duo is said to have moved on and even shared a peaceful kiss during the 2012 MTV VMAs. Although Rihanna also has shares genuine concern for breezy, it is not a shock if she no longer has emotional attachments with him as she is may still be romantically involved with Hassan Jammel.
Photo Credit: Getty