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    Communication Red Flags To Work On In Your Relationship

    Communication is vital to a healthy relationship.

    Communication is critical in a relationship. If you are not addressing issues when they arise, you are missing out on the opportunity for individual and relational growth.

    Learning or re-learning communication skills can be the foundation of the new relationship house you are building together.

    Signs You’re Having Serious Communication Issues With Your Partner

    1. Silent Treatment

    Communication red flags

    It is hard to communicate when one person refuses to talk at all. Yet, a partner giving the silent treatment is saying so much. However, the silent treatment is a massive flag about the person giving it.

    2. Avoidance

    When one partner tries to bring up something that is bothering them and the other changes the subject or shuts down the conversation, it’s a problem.

    This is a sign that one of the parties is unwilling to address an issue that may be important to the other party.

    3. Yelling

    It is not enough to communicate your issues. How you discuss them matters just as much, if not more.

    As adults, we should have the ability to sit down with one another and communicate respectfully.

    4. Not letting things go

    It is often a form of overcommunication that occurs when one partner is bothered by something about their partner and refuses to let it go.

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