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    A Couple That Laughs Together, Stays Happy Forever… Tricks To Make Each Other Laugh In Your Relationship

    Laughter is a key ingredient in any intimate relationship. Couples who make each laugh, stay happy together. This ingredient helps couples to bond well. It also increases the excitement when the relationship seems to go stale.

    Couples who laugh more often, usually have positive conversations. Also, disagreements are easier to resolve because nothing stays a big deal.

    Here are a few tricks to make each other laugh:

    Work on having a sense of humour

    To make another person laugh, you need to take jokes yourself. Make sure you can freely laugh.

    Taking yourself too seriously is a sure way to shut down the possibility of humour between you and your significant other.

    Find out what you both consider funny

    Being in love with someone does not guarantee that your tastes will be the same as theirs, or your preferences will align. Likewise, the things that make you laugh, may not be the things they will make them laugh. For instance: You could find Nollywood comedy hilarious, but your partner sees it as completely gauche and instead prefers sarcastic wit.

    Discover your partner’s unique sense of humor -what they enjoy and what they would laugh at, and use it from time to time. Doing this helps you both to reach your “laughter potential”.

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    Laugh even when you don’t want to

    A good way to bring laughter into the relationship is by responding to your partner’s sense of humour even when you do not necessarily find them funny or you are not in the mood. Making this extra effort makes them feel secure and strengthens the bond of your relationship. It also helps kill undue stress as well and keep the two of you together when you’re drifting apart.

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