Great Tips To Create A Memorable Easter Holiday For Your Family

Easter is celebrated by many people all over the world.


Easter is a time to celebrate the risen Lord Jesus Christ.

The basic things we do to celebrate this great event involves attending Church for Christians. While some people may decide to use this time to have a family feast like weddings, others basically see it as a day or two away from work.

Here are a few tips on how to have a memorable Easter Holiday with your family:

Do not Just attend church, have a retreat!

As a Christian, don’t let the Holiday be about merriment and fun activities only, let it also be a time for you to reflect on your relationship with God. Do a personal retreat. Strengthen your spiritual life for better days to come (we all know there will be storms). Easter is the perfect time for a personal retreat as you think about the reason for the season!

Teach your children about Easter

The message of Easter is more than bunnies, Easter egg hunts, sleeping in and enjoying a long weekend. Easter has a real message and is indeed at the core of what Christianity is about.

Go out to create family memories and have fun while you’re at it!

There will be several activities to choose from. There will be weddings, birthday parties, fairs and several other wonderful events that will be happening around. Look for one that you know you and your family will enjoy going to together, and have a memorable time.

If you want to stay indoors, make it fun for the children!

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Customize your own Easter egg scavenger hunt!

Hide gifts around the house and ask the children to look for them. The winner will be the person with the most gifts. You can hide papers with clues to guide them to the next hiding spot, ending with a final clue that leads to a small prize at the end of the hunt. This is a great way to make the search collaborative as you watch your children work together.

You could also make the game about finding Bible verses that speak to particular situations.

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