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    Derek Hough & Hayley Erbert Enjoy Romantic Honeymoon In Italy

    Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert are enjoying married life!

    On Saturday, Derek Hough shared a first look at the newlyweds’ Italian honeymoon in an Instagram video filled with their adventures so far as husband and wife.

    “First trip as a married couple. There should be a name for that 🤔 #mrandmrshough,” Hough joked in the caption of his post.

    With the naval ensign of Italy’s flag waving rapidly at the boat’s bow, the couple takes in the splendid views of the Mediterranean coast.

    At one point, they jump into the sea together holding hands while Hough also threw up the shaka hand gesture.

    Now on dry land, Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert walked hand-in-hand through the streets, even stopping to pet a stray cat.

    They’re later seen riding bikes through the town before Hough showed more breathtaking footage of their time on the boat as they sailed the sea.

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    The pro dancers also explored what appeared to be an arched stone walkway that they used for diving practice.

    The shared a kiss before Derek Hough counted to three and lept into the water, even though Erbert repeatedly yelled, “I can’t!” However, she did manage to join her husband, letting out a scream on her way down.

    While inland, Erbert was shown entering a restaurant where it was making spaghetti. There, she and Hough enjoyed a delectable spread of different pasta dishes and some ice cream for dessert.

    To end the action-packed day and as day turned into night, Hough admired his wife while they sat seaside at dinner and watched the chef prepare their meal.

    After getting engaged in June of last year, the couple tied the knot last week on Aug. 29 in Monterey County, California. During their emotional nuptials, the bride and groom exchanged both personal and traditional vows, as Hough’s brother-in-law officiated the ceremony.

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