How To Have A Healthy Conversation With Your Teen About STDs And Contraception

Teens who talk about sex with their parents are more likely to delay sex and practice safe sex.

To communicate effectively, talk about sex frequently and openly with your teen. Make your own beliefs about sex clear. Be sure to discuss STDs, contraception, healthy relationships, and consent. Regardless of your beliefs, you should always be supportive and let your child know you love them unconditionally.

Stay up to date with current sexual health findings and recommendations. You should be able to talk to your teen about STD prevention, safe sex, and contraception.

Don’t rely on your child’s sex education class to teach them all the information they need to know, because sex education requirements vary widely.

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Even if you believe your child isn’t sexually active, it’s vital that they’re informed about abstinence. Teenage pregnancy can completely derail your child’s life plans. Abstinence is the most effective way to prevent pregnancy.

You may not want your child to have sex, but it’s important to educate them about STD prevention in case they choose to do so. Tell your adolescent child that if they’re sexually active, they should always use protection, like a condom. Also, tell them about the side effects of using a condom.

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