When doctors fall in love-healing everywhere! Sosa and Osa’s unique love story is the most beautiful tale you would read today. The couple married traditionally months before their white wedding, and they have an adorable princess together. Excited bride, Sosa shared that: 

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He heard a lot about me from a mutual friend and couldn’t wait to meet me in person. On our first date, I was very fascinated by the conversation and how he continuously smiled at me. We talked more and more into the night and I found out stuff about him; one being that he speaks Bini language very fluently.

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That part really got me because I can barely speak. Over the next few weeks, months and years I became very attracted to his calmness and personality and we developed a strong love chemistry, we couldn’t stay an hour without talking to each other. 

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We took numerous trips together since we both love to travel. During one of our Miami trips, he emphasized I brought a nice dress and my passport. On 7/18/17, while in Miami, he told me we were going to Cuba on a helicopter since I have been talking about visiting Cuba. I believed since Cuba is close to Miami and was excited! We got into the helicopter; the pilot, him and myself and gosh the Miami view was beautiful.

About 15 minutes into the helicopter ride, he was holding a ring. He asked me to marry him. I could not hold my tears. 2 minutes gone by, he said you still haven’t answered me. So he asked “ will you marry me,” I said yes. On 01/13/18 I married my best friend traditionally and 08/25/18 I said “I Do” to my Prince Charming.

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Photo Credit: Klala Photography


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