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    TV Personality Dr Sara Kayat Gives Birth To 2nd Child, Beautiful Baby Girl!

    ‘This Morning’ star Dr Sara Kayat welcomed her second child, a baby girl, with her husband, Rupert Walker over the weekend.

    Dr Sara Kayat welcomes baby KOKO Brides Nigeria

    Josie Gibson and Craig Doyle announced the happy news of Dr Sara Kayat’s new baby and they also revealed the newborn’s name.

    Craig told viewers: ‘We’re starting with some really, really lovely news, because over the weekend Dr Sara welcomed a gorgeous baby girl named Rose into the world.’

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    Dr Sara Kayat welcomes baby KOKO Brides Nigeria 1 1

    In May, Dr Sara Kayat announced that she was expecting another child. She wrote on Instagram: ‘And so, we grow. We are expecting a little pumpkin this October.

    ‘When I fell pregnant with Harris, I announced it on insta with too little consideration. It had been an easy journey and I was in my own blissful world.’

    Dr Sara added: ‘The journey to baby two was a little different, and in truth at times I found myself resenting everyone else’s pregnancy announcements.

    She said: ‘So this time round, I’d like to be a little more mindful of others out there who are not where they want to be on their journeys to parenthood.

    ‘I am obviously ecstatic about this announcement, yet I long to reach a loving hand out to anyone who is suffering.

    ‘I’m sorry. It’s not fair. I hope from the depths of my heart that you get what you want or find peace with what you have. So much love to everyone out there, but especially to those whose paths have been rockier and darker than expected.’

    Dr Sara Kayat welcomes baby KOKO Brides Nigeria

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