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    MAFS UK Erica And Jordan Gayle Enjoy Romantic Honeymoon In Antigua

    ‘Married At Sight’ newlywed Jordan and Erica enjoyed an exotic honeymoon in Antigua on Monday night’s show.

    Jordan and Erica stayed at the five-star resort where promising signs of a blossoming romance were seen by viewers of the E4 series.

    Viewers first saw the couple arrive in their waterfront suite, where they jumped on a double bed that was decorated with a towel made into a love heart. Jordan opened a champagne bottle, sending the cork flying into the air.

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    Their luxurious apartment features walk-in showers, a king-sized bed, granite worktops, dual sinks and a private furnished veranda looking out into the sea.

    The lovebirds then moved to the spa area where they gave each other romantic massages, which prompted Erica to joke ‘keep it PG, Jordan’ as the sexual tension between them continued to build.

    During the mid-point of the honeymoon, Jordan and Erica were seen cracking open the bubbly yet again, this time to mark Erica’s 25th birthday anniversary before Jordan revealed his ‘surprise plans’ for her.

    The surprise involved taking a boat out into the sea to handle a giant stingray called Spilt.

    Erica says: “I could never have imagined doing anything like this. It’s really surreal. This is my ideal birthday, I genuinely couldn’t have asked for any more.”

    The newlywed enjoyed a romantic dinner in one of the resort’s five restaurants, where Erica was presented with a lovely birthday cake.

    ‘I think we’ll have a little kiss later,’ said Erica. ‘If he’s lucky.’

    The resort also boasts four swimming pools, one of which the newlyweds were seen canoodling as Erica wore a tiny G-string bikini, as well as two private beaches, including the fittingly-titled Lovers Beach.

    To sum up his romantic trip, Jordan said: ‘My life has peaked.

    ‘I’m on honeymoon with a girl that looks like Erica. I ‘feel truly blessed and privileged.

    ‘I don’t know how my life is going to hit those heights again.’

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