Singers Evaluna And Camilo Are Expecting 2nd Baby

Evaluna and Camilo are expecting another baby together.

Evaluno and Camilo are excited about the expectation of their second child.

The couple has previously teased two important announcements for February 7. In a video announcement, they revealed that they would be releasing a new song as the first announcement while keeping the second announcement a mystery. Some of their fans suspected the second announcement was about a new pregnancy, and their speculation was correct!

The couple’s followers had doubts about their recent announcement of having a baby.

In October 2021, the singers released a song called “Indigo,” where Evaluna was seen with her baby bump. Therefore, when they started talking about their new single, “PLIS,” their followers suspected that the topic might be related to the good news of the arrival of a new baby.

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The announcement comes when Camilo is enjoying great success in his career. He has been nominated for seven prestigious awards in the upcoming edition of Premio Lo Nuestro, including the prestigious Artist of the Year award, Song of the Year for his hit track “Ambulance” featuring Camila Cabello, and The Perfect Mix of the Year for “Alaska” with Grupo Firme.

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