Exciting! Nicki Minaj Rekindles Her Love For Meek Mill

Superstar, Rapper  Nicki Minaj seem to have rekindled their love for the ex-convicted rapper,  Meek Mill who experienced the best day of his life yesterday as he got released from the prison after serving 5 months for a parole violation. Mill was flown immediately to Philadephia where the NBA sixers had their game last night. The Sixers won the game and proceeded to the next round. This win brought another round of joy to Mill as he posted a picture on snap chat to show his excitement. Nicki responded to the post with love emojis, which has sparked up a lot of speculations on the rappers getting back together. The couples have been dating since 2013 and had a break in 2017 just before mill went to prison. Reports says the were both in contact while he was in prison and they talked about getting back together. Mill seem to have gotten his girl back. Time will tell if the couples actually got back together but at this time anything is possible. We look forward to seeing the love birds together again. Photo Credit: Getty