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    After 10 Years Of Marriage + 2 Lovely Children, Femi And Bukola Are Still Truly In Love With Each Other. Enjoy Their Love Story And Vow Renewal Photos

    Ten years after Femi and Bukola exchanged their vows, they are still truly in love with each other.

    In honour of their wedding anniversary, Femi and Bukola renewed their marital vows in Dubai and it was all shades of beauty. They reflected on the past and looked forward to a brighter future.

    Their union is blessed with two lovely children.

    Enjoy their love story and vow renewal photos.

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    How Femi and Bukola met

    As shared by Bukola:

    We started as friends in Uni days (2001). His demeanour was attractive and I wondered who this guy was, but then again I waved off the feeling and didn’t dwell on it.

    Fast forward a year later, we became friends and were part of a small music group. He was very choleric and firm especially when it came to rehearsals but again I found him very arrogant. I started having second thoughts about him like who does he think he is… Lol. we remained friends for some time until 2002 when he decided to ask me out. I’ll let him take it from here.

    Femi’s side of the story:

    On the 23rd of July 2002, I asked her to be my girlfriend. I was just about rounding off 100 level and was thinking isn’t it too early to start a relationship now? But again, I had this inner witness that I couldn’t shake off, I just was so drawn to her that I then grew very fond of her.

    I recall a time we were on a long strike action by the university so we didn’t get to see each other for a very long time and because of this I fell very sick, and was diagnosed that it was emotionally related. I was just so in love with her that it affected my health not seeing her.

    In 2008 during our NYSC, my elder sisters (twins) were getting married on the same day and on the day of their engagement, I was alone with her in the room somewhere in Abuja and decided to ask her to marry me. Shortly after that, I left for the UK to do my PHD and then we got married in 2013… 11 years after courting.

    I had always wanted to give her the kind of wedding she wanted even though I didn’t have the means at the time we got married but God made a way for me to create that experience for her after 11 years of marriage with our two (2) lovely daughters. Marrying my wife has been the best thing that has ever happened to me, she has covered my many flaws, mistakes and still loves me for me, who will not want to give such a woman the world.

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