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    Inside Gabourey Sidibe’s Beautiful Baby Shower! Hollywood Actress Joyfully Awaits Arrival Of Her Twin Babies With Husband Brandon Frankel

    Actress Gabourey Sidibe and her husband Brandon Frankel are expecting a set of twin babies.

    Gabourey Sidibe revealed her pregnancy news in February. She said via an Instagram post: “I’m pregnant!”

    She continued:

    “We thought it was time to give our cats some responsibility so we’re giving them each a baby to take care of! Double the babies, double the cats, double the fun!!. Twin delivery coming soon! Twinty Twinty Four!!”

    As actress Gabourey Sidibe and her husband patiently await the arrival of their twin babies, they have taken out their time to celebrate their baby shower.

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    Excited Brandon Frankel shared highlights from the beautiful baby shower on Instagram.

    In one photo, Gabourey wore a pink gown with her head adorned with a crown of flowers.

    Frankel wrote in the caption of his post: “My gorgeous, glowing Mama to be @gabby3shabby . She looks like a princess from a fairytale – you radiate love and positivity and I just can’t wait for you to be a Mom! I’m so proud of you.”

    In another post, he wrote, “My favorite face about to make two more of my favorite faces!! Life is amazing- how can I not be happy knowing I get this smile all day every day and two more on the way @gabby3shabby.”

    Amidst the heartfelt declarations, Frankel made a vow to keep the smiles coming, declaring, “If there’s one thing I can promise you, I will be silly enough to get a laugh and a smile out of @gabby3shabby – two of my favorite things on this planet. I can’t wait for two more people to do the same to.”

    In March 2021, Gabourey Sidibe secretly wed talent manager Brandon Frankel.

    The actress revealed that she is married during an appearance on Live With Kelly And Ryan in 2022.

    “The thing about weddings is I don’t like them,” she revealed. “Here’s an example of how much I don’t like them—I’m actually married. We got married over a year ago.”

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