Groom Skydives Into His Wedding Ceremony

An Army veteran has arrived at his own wedding in daredevil style parachuting into the grounds of a 14th Century castle

Chris Parkes, who lost a leg while serving in Afghanistan, skydived into Langley Castle, in Northumberland, accompanied by nine groomsmen

The 34-year-old, from County Durham, said the group had trained for six months for this specific jump.

He said the jump had been “infinitely more stressful” than the wedding.

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His wife, Pippa, who is also a keen skydiver, said despite the grand entrance her new husband still had not managed to steal the spotlight from her.

“Chris is allowed to have a little fancy thing in the day,” she said.

“I get the big, fancy dress. He gets the fancy skydive”.

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The couple said they hoped to have set a new world record for the largest wedding party made up of groom and groomsmen to skydive in to a wedding venue.

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