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    10 Hairstyles You Should Consider For Your Flower Girl

    The perfect flower girl hairstyle completes your overall look for your wedding. Classic, edgy or natural, there are so many hairstyle ideas for flower girls to choose from.

    Below is 10 hairstyles you should consider for your flower girl.

    Free Natural Curls: Empower the child by embracing her unique curl pattern. Full and fun kinky curls with noticeable floral headpiece to match.

    Flower Braid: Make an encircling braid. Keep each strand in place by small elastics. Then attach flowers to each of the elastics in order to make them invisible.

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    Braided Crown: Full crown presents a hairstyle where the entire hair is braided in a round circle and the flower crown comes on top of it. The braided crown is the most perfect hairstyle for a flower girl.

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    Cornrow: The natural afro hair is parted in the middle from where tiny cornrow braids begin. They are unfinished and continue in separate ponytails. Each piece of cornrow has colourful accessories added.

    Side Braid in A Low Bun: The perfect hairstyle for a flower girl. With the rest of the hair from the other side, it finishes in a low bun. The hair accessories are added just above the bun.

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    Long curls: The long hair looks very nice when it is curled on the ends. Parted on the middle, this hairstyle is perfect for a flower girl.

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    Top Bun: The top buns are a pretty and popular hairstyle and they can be even more beautified with the addition on some flowery details or accessories.

    Top Wrap with Side Bangs: Pull a strand of hair at the top, wrap it and fix it with a pin at the back. Put the side bangs to the side. This is the perfect hairstyle for a flower girl.

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    Braid with A Top Bun: Braiding the hair and it finishes in a huge ballerina bun. The flower decorations can come on the top of the bun.

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    Side Flower with Bow: If the hair is long and curly, the look can be managed by doing small side braids and then the rest of the hair can be wrapped up in a creative top. You can add a bow to accessories the hair.


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