High School Lovers Marry In The Sky On Boeing 747

On Nov. 24, high school lovers Vidhi Popley and Hridesh Sainani,​​​​​​ who are from India, tied the knot in the sky on a Boeing 747.Lovers marry in the sky

According to the Dubai-based news outlet Brew News, over 300 guests attended the lovers’ wedding inside the plane. The luxurious private jet plane took off from Jetex’s private terminal in Dubai and landed in Oman. The outlet adds that the Popley family is well-known in the UAE and India for their jewelry business.

A video of the wedding shows the groom arriving on the tarmac in a red Ferrari. Inside the plane, the seats were covered with decorations, and greenery also hung from the overhead bins. Addutionally, the aisles were modified to give room for the ceremony to take place.

During the three-hour flight, Popley and Sainani​​​​​​ exchanged vows in the sky following Sikh traditions. The high school lovers’ wedding is also being entered for the Guinness World Record for the first wedding of its kind in the region.

Chimoo Acharya, the couple’s wedding planner told the outlet that it took 12 months to complete all the permissions and formalities of planning the in-flight wedding.

“Sky is the limit to spending for weddings in Dubai,” she said. “It all depends on the number of people and the budget of the family. Weddings such as Popley’s cost around Dh6-7 million.”

In 1994, the bride’s father father, Dilip, got married to his wife, Sunita, on a 1994 Air India flight. He told Brew News that he credits the idea to his dad.

“It was my dad’s dream, who wanted to get his son married in the air,” he said. “We met the chairman of Air India and had a wedding in the sky in 1994. Now I am carrying his dream to another level. I am hoping, for my son’s marriage, technology will allow us to do something bigger, such as marriage in space.”

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