Traumatic Moment A Newlywed Couple On Honeymoon Fled Rhodes Island Fires Amid Screams And Smoke

A couple Claire and Paul Jones, both 36, were celebrating their honeymoon on Rhodes, Greece, when they were evacuated due to the wildfire.

A newlywed couple celebrating their honeymoon on Rhodes have spoken of their “traumatic” experience of being evacuated from their hotel amid “intense” smoke and the sound of a child screaming: “I don’t want to die”.

Claire and Paul Jones, both 36 from Leicestershire, were celebrating their honeymoon on Rhodes after getting married on July 16.

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They travelled to the Greek island two days later on July 18, before the wildfires took hold.

Ms Jones recalled hearing about the fires on Thursday and said by Friday evening, when she and her husband were sitting outside having drinks, it “got really smoky at one point” and there was “ash dropping out of the sky”.

On Saturday, the couple was evacuated by coach from the Village Rhodes Beach Resort in Lindian Village, near Lardos, after she said the situation went from “zero to 100”.

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