Explore The Wonders Of Kenya On An Adventurous Honeymoon

This is for the hyper couples, the ones who do not fancy just relaxing and relaxing for their honeymoon, those ones who want to go on adrenaline popping adventures while still having a lovely relaxation center at the end of it all. The ones who want to go hiking, who want to camp, mountain climbing and so on, while having luxurious hotels and amazing dishes, Kenya is the right place for you. Check out three top adventurous spots in Kenya for a couple getaway

Rock Climbing in Hells Gate National Park

Visiting this park is an avenue to be in touch with nature’s finest while engaging in adrenaline popping rock climbing. The Hells gate National park is located right next to Lake Naivasha and therefore only a few hours’ drive from Nairobi.

Maasai Mara Triangle

Visiting the Maasai Mara triangle has got to be on any visitor to Kenya’s list, this is one of the worlds’ best Safari park and a delight to lovers of nature 

Lake Naivasha

Go skiing and enjoy the natural lakes of Naivasha after a hard rock climbing day at the Hells Gate National park.

Photo Credit: Getty