Tuesday, May 21, 2024

    Luxury On A Budget? Try Kamp Ikare For Your Next Baecation

    When you think of going on a break or holiday with your spouse or family, you don’t have to think expensive or something impossible that you have to travel out of the country which will eventually make you ditch your idea later on.

    There are beautiful sights and places in Nigeria that you can lodge for fun sake, aesthetics, serenity and comfort. Just you and that special one in a cozy atmosphere, enjoying the embrace of nature, making remarkable memories and fun filled emotional moments.

    Although the place is not really seen in adverts, rubbed on all out faces but trust us, it is a place worth trying and your expectations.

    Kamp Ikare is situated in a coastal village called Okare in badagry and can only be accessed by boat. Imagine traveling for 45 minutes on water from the mainland, using a speed boat, all in the name of fun and relaxation, totally worth it right?

    Of course it is totally worth it. Retreat facilities made available for your comfort and relaxation, pools, sports centre and the beach bank that helps you sit and refresh. All these are available for you and your special person

    SOURCE: Getty

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