How I Met Olusoji Jacobs – Blessing Douglas Talks Relationship, Weddings And More

Blessing Douglas has revealed in an interview with us that her traditional wedding cost them more than N10million to put together. According to her, the wedding is infact one of the most expensive in the Kalabari culture. Read her interview below;

How do you feel about your big day?


How did you meet Soji and how long have you guys been dating?

I met Soji in Lagos. I have known his mother for like 5 years because I have worked with her in quite a few projects, so based on that relationship, I got to know the rest of the family members, which includes Soji, his brothers, and his father.  We started dating in 2016 when I graduated from the college and went to Lagos for my NYSC.

Why is Soji so special?

He is everything I ever prayed for in a man. He is very calm and very disciplined. He is religious as well, not in terms of being self-righteous or being a fanatic, but he respects God and upholds the biblical principles and so I was drawn to all those qualities. Most importantly, he knows how to say “I’m sorry” when he is in the wrong and when he is in the right. We also have communication about everything, because communication they say, is the most essential in any relationship and so we communicate a lot.

What is your greatest fear about being married?

Initially before now, my greatest fear has always being the family I am marrying to as you know in Nigeria, you are getting married to the family and I have always prayed that God places me, that they will accept me and love me like their own childI and I won’t have any issues with my inlays. don’t count myself lucky, but I can say I’m blessed to be in this family because they are everything I prayed for. They don’t have any issues at all. They are very loving and very supportive, and the fact that I have known them for this long is more convincing for me to know that I won’t have issues.

Are you under any pressure to become a mother soonest?

No. As a matter of fact, I will be resuming graduate school 2 weeks after this wedding.

What do you think about motherhood?

I think it would be interesting because I see the bond mothers have with their children and how they always cling when they give birth. It is every mother’s dream to carry their kids and raise them. I feel when I get to that bridge, I will cross it because I know I have a lot of support and love around me.

Recently, you posted a picture of Cee c and Leo, if you had to compare yourself and Soji to any celebrity couple, who would they be?

His parents.

What was it like, picking your style for today?

I didn’t have any issues because this is not the first time to do this. It is part of my culture and there is a particular procedure for this type of marriage. The mothers in the house already had it planned out, so I just came in and they got me dressed.

What is the most expensive accessory you will be wearing for your wedding?

This is the most expensive wedding in my tribe and it is called the IYA marriage. It is the most expensive and the highest in the land because it is the king that gives you out, so everything I am wearing is expensive.

Can you give an estimate of what the wedding cost in terms of preparation?

The preparation cost a lot because this house as you can see is still being re-painted. There was a lot of renovation and everything. You will get to see more in Port Harcourt. I’m sure you are seeing a lot of security presence, making sure everyone is fine. You have also seen the caliber of people coming in.

Tell us something about Soji that may surprise every body.

He is a foodie. He doesn’t just like food, he loves good food.

Who will be designing your dress for the white wedding?

Lanre Dasilva.

How long did it take to make your dress?

It will be ready by Monday. I would say a month.

What are you looking forward to in married life?

A lot of happiness, a lot of  fun moments, a lot of travels.

How have you grown as a couple?

We have grown so much. Every relationship has challenges, but we have found a way to address things and the marriage counselling really helped. We had counselling foxlike 8 weeks. Distance was also something we dealt with but we found a way to work things out. 
What goals and dreams do you and your fiancé have for your marriage and life together?

Quite a lot and I think our goals and dreams are very intimate. Every couple have things that are private to them and those are the things we just want to keep to ourselves, evolve and grow at our pace.