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    How To Dress Your Baby In Hot Days To Regulate Their Body Temperature

    Babies are not able to regulate their body temperature so well, so it is important to help keep them comfortable during the hot days. Opt for light and comfortable clothes for your baby when the weather is hot.

    Below are ways to dress for your baby during the hot season:

    Dress your newborn in a single layer when the temperature is high

    Consider what you are comfortable wearing when it’s hot out and use that as a guide when you’re dressing your newborn. Choose outfits made of breathable cotton fabrics to keep your baby as comfortable as possible.

    Short-sleeved body suits made of cotton are great options for your newborn. Dress them in whatever will be easiest to get on and off for all those diaper changes!

    Skip the socks to avoid overheating your newborn

    Socks are really important during the colder months, but during the summer, they can contribute to overheating and dehydrating your baby. If you want to put something on their feet, opt for sandals that allow their feet to breathe.

    Your little one can only sweat from their neck, hands, feet, and head, so covering their feet really decreases their ability to self-regulate their temperature. If you cover their feet, they can’t sweat through them.

    Use a lightweight floppy hat to protect your child’s skin from the sun

    Pick a hat that has a floppy rim to give your newborn a little extra protection while you’ll be out in the heat. These hats are specifically made for babies to wear in the sun, and they are made of a breathable material that will help keep your baby cool.

    Avoid using knit caps when the weather is hot. The material isn’t very breathable and could make your child too hot.

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