7 Ways To Get Quality Sleep On Christmas Eve

You might find it hard to sleep on Christmas Eve due to the excitement and eagerness of Christmas.

With these tips below, you can overcome the excitement and get quality sleep on Christmas Eve.

1. Wake up earlier than normal on the morning of Christmas Eve

Waking up earlier will make you more tired when you want to go to bed later that day. The night before Christmas Eve, stay awake as long as possible. Set your alarm for an early time. When you wake up, you will be very tired and will want to go back to bed but resist the urge. When you have to go to sleep later that day, it will be easier because you are exhausted.

2. Exercise regularly throughout the day

Do some jumping jacks, go for a walk, or do some cycling. Doing some exercise a couple of hours before you go to bed, can help to calm you down.

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3. Help your family, friends, and even neighbours to prepare for Christmas Day

Keeping busy and being helpful will take your mind off the excitement but will still help you to feel involved and happy.

4. Think of it as a normal night

Do the same things you always do in your bedtime routine: brush your teeth, read a book, chat with your friends, etc.

5. Drink warm milk

In addition to providing you with nutrients like calcium, magnesium, and L-tryptophan, warm milk can be a soothing, comforting drink that lulls you to sleep. You can also try hot herbal tea; it is soothing to drink. Just make sure it doesn’t contain caffeine!

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6. Relax

If you are feeling hyperactive, you need to calm down. Read a book. Listen to music. Do whatever makes you calm down and relax.

7. Avoid computer and phone screens at night

Don’t sit at the computer, laptop, or iPad late at night if you can’t sleep; this will only keep you awake.

If you watch TV before bed, try to turn off or down all the other lights, so the room is darkened. That will get your body ready to sleep.

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