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    7 Tips On How To Plan A Surprise Bridal Shower

    Watching your friend or loved one, getting ready to tie the knot with their partner is the most exciting thing that you could ever imagine, these are 7 tips on how to plan a surprise bridal shower for that special loved one.
    7 Tips On How To Plan A Surprise Bridal Shower

    It is a thing of joy because, a day like that can only come once in a lifetime, and you will definitely want to make that experience a memorable one for that person, and throwing a bridal shower will be the new trending thing you should absolutely do.
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    Here are 7 tips on how you can throw a surprise birthday shower.

      1. A Venue Should Be Made Available
        A location that the bridal shower is going to take place should be made available because if it is done in the house of the bride you might end up ruining the whole thing, for example, she coming back home to pick up something.
      2. Invites Should Be Sent Out Early
        You definitely don’t want the bride to show up before the guest of the party, that’s surely weird and uncomfortable, so you should send out early invites for things to go perfectly and smoothly.
      3. The Bride Should Be Available On That Day
        There is surely going to be no surprise party if the bride is unavailable. So you have to engage in conversation with the supposed bride to know their engagements for that day before carrying out your plans, so as not to make things awkward fo the person involved.
      4. Food And Drinks Should Be Made Available On That Day
        There is no happiness in a party that people are celebrating their loved one is food is not available, It plays a vital role at any event because people will be hungry and tasty and will need something to munch on or sip from.
      5. There Should Be Activities And Entertainment
        Fun activities should be made available to spice things up and bring the party to life, it should not be a sad and boring day for the bride, so games and entertainment should be made available, you can even end up inviting a special guest to play a song for the bride.
      6. Choose A Theme For The Party
        These are life to the party, and what brings the vibes to the event, is the pacing ground of how the whole event is going to look like and what it will contain. It can be a SpongeBob-themed party or a barbie themed party, just anything you know the bride will like.
      7.  Make Sure The Guests Arrive Early
        When picking out a specific amount of people that are going to be present that day, you should also make sure they arrive early. An excellent idea is to put a time that is earlier than when the bride will arrive and it is also good to call them to remind them about the surprise bridal shower.

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