The Igbo Tribe Is Very Cute! Here Are Interesting Things That Take Place At An Igbo Traditional Wedding

Are you from the Igbo tribe? Are you planning to get married to an Igbo spouse? Or do you just like the Igbo tribe? However the case may be, the Igbo tradition is very cute.

Read on to know what happens at an Igbo traditional wedding.

The following rites take place during an Igbo traditional wedding:

1. Marriage enquiry (Iku aka)

2. Seeking consent from the lady’s family (Umunna)

3. Bride price negotiation (Ime Ego)

4. Wine carrying ceremony (Igba Nkwu)

During the introduction, the man comes with his family and stands before the lady’s family and he is asked with this question: “Is this the lady you want to marry?” The lady is asked the same question. If she says yes, they will move to the next procedure, which is the bride price negotiation (Ime Ego).

The lady will be sent back into the house, while the men discuss her bride price – how much they want or what they want in exchange for her hand in marriage. So, once the list is given to the groom-to-be and his family, they return to their house.

On the day of the traditional wedding, the man and his family will come with the bride price. During the first entrance, the lady waves at everyone. She comes out again for the second time.

During the second entrance, she dances in with her bridesmaids and she kneels before her father, who in turn, gives her a cup filled with palm wine and tells her to go and search through the crowd for her husband. She searches through the big crowd for her husband and when she finds him, she will kneel before him and give him the palm wine to drink.

After he finishes drinking it, he will put some money in it and both of them will dance to the bride’s father who will now bless them.

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The groom then takes her to his family, they will give her a blessing and she will be showered with gifts to officially welcome her as part of the new family.

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