Improve Your Mother-Daughter Relationship With These 17 Best Tips

As a mother, it is good to have a close relationship with your daughter. This will help you both to bond well. It will also make your daughter open up to you about anything.

With work, family, money and so much more, it may sound difficult to improve your mother-daughter relationship. But it’s not difficult as you think.

Read the tips below to learn how to improve your mother-daughter relationship:

1. Set aside time to spend with her

Try to find time in your schedule to do things with your daughter. Pick a certain day of the week or time of the day when both of you are free. It’s good to do it the same day and time so you both can remember when your special time together is, and you will be more likely to be free.

2. Know what your daughter likes

Knowing what kinds of activities your daughter enjoys will help greatly when you spend time together because you will know what to do and where to go. Observe your child sometimes, but not too often, to see what they are doing. They might be on the computer, TV, drawing, reading, or playing outside.

Look more into what she is doing, though, to get more clues into what she likes. If she is reading, ask her what she is reading. If she is watching TV, ask her what she is watching, and if she is on the computer or outside, ask her what she is playing. You’ll get a better feel for what she likes, and when you ask, she’ll feel glad that you are interested in what she is doing. Her interests may be very different from yours, but don’t try to change what she likes and dislikes.

3. Go shopping together

If there’s one thing that will build girls’ relationships, it’s shopping. You’ll have a chance to talk and find more about your daughter’s interests while getting new things.

Have her put some items in the cart that she likes, and help decide what drinks to buy. If your daughter loves to read, go to a local bookstore and look for some books together. Or, go to a shopping mall. Look for clothes and shoes. You could also have her help you pick out clothes for yourself.

4. Go out

If you don’t want to shop, there are still plenty of options like the pool, park, beach, restaurant, museum, or amusement park. Now that you know your daughter’s interests, you can start to know where she might want to go.

5. Watch a good old movie at home

This is a great activity if it’s raining out. Watching movies can also really bring you closer. Look through your movies together and find one that you and your daughter want to watch. Make sure it is appropriate for her age! Funny family movies are good for all ages and will always make you and her smile.

6. Help her with her schoolwork

As a mom, it’s important that you should support your daughter in her education. Always try to help her with homework if she asks for it.

Make learning fun. Turn studying for a spelling or vocabulary test into a game, or have your daughter be the teacher, teaching you about it.

7. Study with her

There might be an important test coming up, so it’s your job to help her study. She’ll probably tell you what to do e.g. Give me the word and I’ll say the definition.

8. Play a game

Another way to interact with your daughter is through playing a great game. Have a game night with the two of you on a certain day, or just ask her if she’d like to play a game.

9. Cook something together

Another fun way for the two of you to bond is through cooking or baking. It’s also a good way to start teaching them how to cook if they are older. Bring out some cookbooks and look through them with your daughter to see what to make.

Remember that you are cooking together. Let your daughter do some things, like cracking eggs, helping whisk the batter, pouring liquids, and decorating. Expect things to not be done perfectly – this is how children and teens learn.

10. Show her you love her

Go for a nice walk together, talk, and enjoy the nature. Cheer her up on a bad day with a hug or a small gift, like a book or a stuffed animal. Give encouraging messages often, like “You can do it”, “I believe in you”, or “You are a very talented artist/swimmer/soccer player!”.

Be sure to praise her efforts above all, as it is important to let her know that it is in the trying and the doing, including learning to deal with failure, that she is going to succeed in life. With support from you, she’ll be left with a positive attitude. Laugh and smile with her.

11. Talk

It’s important for your daughter to know that she can always come and talk to you if she needs anything. When you talk to your daughter, make sure that you look at her, and she does the same. Tell her, “I need you to listen” but in a calm, friendly way. Try to stay short and sweet, or your daughter will get bored, not focus, and think that they are in trouble or being lectured.

Leave the key point for the first sentence, and keep it simple. You should also occasionally talk casually. When the two of you talk, it shouldn’t all be serious.

12. Listen

Not only should your daughter listen to you, but you must listen as well. If you don’t, she’ll think it’s okay to not pay attention– also be aware that children know when their parent isn’t truly listening and it isn’t a pleasant feeling because it is dis-empowering.

13. Be there for your daughter

You need to always be there, whether it’s through presence at an important event, advice, or by words of encouragement. If there is a sports, musical, school, or any important event that your daughter wants you to attend, really try to see if you can go. If not, see why. Try to cancel whatever it is that’s on the same day, but some things you absolutely cannot miss, so be sure to tell her.

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14. Be encouraging

It may be hard for her to do something, so you must cheer her on and use encouraging words and actions. Say “good job” when you truly mean it, and maybe get her a gift that says “way to go!”, such as a book.

15. Celebrate your daughter’s talents

This is another form of encouragement, and it will make your daughter feel so happy inside when you recognize her talents. Ask her if she would like to try out for a school play, strings solo, or softball team inside or outside of school.

Another thing to do is to participate in the activity she’s trying out elsewhere. Play a game or soccer, hold a concert at home, or have her teach you some dance moves. It will make her feel great, you’ll learn something new, and the two of you will bond more.

16. Be kind to her

Don’t yell at her right away when things don’t go accordingly. Instead, remain calm and nice when explaining that she has done something you don’t like or don’t want her to do again. Also, hug and kiss her before she goes to bed, or in the morning before she leaves– always end everything on a good note.

17. Trust your daughter as best you can

Trust can be difficult, but it’s the key basis of any relationship. If you find yourself doing untrustworthy things frequently, stop. If you lie often and catch her lying a lot, for instance, start being honest yourself. Always keep your promises; if something comes up that prevents you from keeping a promise, be sure to let her know about it.

When you see your daughter do something responsible, like chores, homework or band practicing, you can trust her more. Pat her on the back when she succeeds and gets good grades.

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