Ina Garten And Husband Jeffrey Reveal Secret To Their Happy Marriage On 55th Wedding Anniversary

Ina and Jeffrey Garten have marked their 55th wedding anniversary with the Newlyweds Game.

Ina and Jeffery Garten, who tied the knot on Dec. 22, 1968, celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary by playing a version of the Newlywed Game on Instagram.

The couple were asked questions about the very beginning of their relationship, like, “What did you eat on your first date?” (coffee) and, “Who noticed who first?”

Jeffrey, 77, who is the Dean Emeritus at the Yale School of Management, was the first to spot the Barefoot Contessa host.

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Ina, 75, and Jeffrey laughed while reminiscing on their initial meeting, when she was 16 and in high school and he was an 18-year-old Dartmouth student.

They got most answers correct and the few wrong answers were still celebrated by the married couple with a big laugh. When asked about Jeffrey’s least favorite food, Ina wrote, “anything I didn’t cook” and he answered, “fish stew.”

“That was the only failure you’ve ever had,” Jeffrey said lightheartedly. Ina replied: “That’s right, I made a really bad fish stew once.”

For deeper questions, the two were in sync. Both knew that the cookbook author’s “basic life philosophy” is to “have fun.” When asked about Jeffrey’s “basic life philosophy,” she answered, “happy wife happy life.” Jeffrey’s answer was sweetly similar: “Love Ina.”

“What’s Ina’s secret to a long marriage?” was next. Jeffrey answered, “love me to death” and Ina wrote, “marry Jeffrey!”

When asked about Jeffrey’s secret to a long marriage, the answers were the same: He said, “love Ina to death” and Ina answered, “love me!”

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