Tuesday, May 21, 2024

    It’s 10 Years Of Marital Bliss For The Ahonsi’s

    Fitness Expert Lika Ahonsi and her husband have been each other’s best friend for the last 10 years and it looks like the friendship has only just began even after a decade. The stunning beauty and her husband are all shades of couple goals for their decade anniversary Shoot.

    The fitness expert penned this beautiful message to her partner to celebrate a decade of love and pure bliss.

    Marriage is an endless learning curve! Anyone who tells you differently has either never been married or is living in cloud 9! I decided not to do it “for the gram” and be as honest as possible 🙂!
    Marriage is a lot of work 😳 no one tells you the truth when you are getting married 🤣 there have been times I have said “I want out” and him saying “I am done” but somehow we make it through the cracks.
    I think what helps a marriage survive is deep understanding of each other. There is a lot of communication needed and compromises!
    I admit that I am a little complicated but which Scorpio isn’t 😝 but somehow Chris gets me and I am grateful for that…….
    Meeeeeeen 10years💃💃💃💃 I have been so excited and thankful to God that in all the craziness of recent times, we have something meaningful to celebrate. I am just thankful we have each other!

    Couple: Lika Ahonsi &Digital Influencer
    Photographer: Click Art Studio

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