Inside John And Ntito’s Sweet Love Story And Proposal Photos

Just when Ntito had decided to take a break from relationships, John slid into her DMs and made a striking impression. After a thrilling first date, these two could not deny the connection they had.

John knew he wanted Ntito to be his wife and planned a beautiful indoor surprise proposal. He popped the question and she said ‘Yes’ to him.

Enjoy their love story and proposal photos.

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How it started, as shared by Ntito:

After a tough breakup, I decided to take some time off from relationships. Little did I know that God was cooking something in the background.

In the place of prayer, my sister got a message for me that God was sending someone my way. Initially, I thought it might be a promising job opportunity or something else.

Two months into a self-imposed six-month sabbatical, my Instagram DMs were bustling, but one message caught my attention– a man who boldly entered my DMs.

Despite having quite a few conversations going on, I didn’t initially give his message much thought.

Then came the unexpected turn – he proposed a date, specifying the time and venue, leaving no room for uncertainty. Intrigued, I decided to accept the invitation.

Little did I know that this seemingly casual date was divinely orchestrated. As we met in person, our connection was instant, like puzzle pieces falling into place.

After the date and some days, I grew fond of him. I also prayed to God and the summary of what I got was peace. My heart was at rest and home with him.

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