Tuesday, May 21, 2024

    Johnny McDaid Opens Up About His Relationship With Courteney Cox

    Northern Irish singer, songwriter and record producer, John McDaid, has opened up about his relationship with American actress, Courteney Bass Cox, who he will be marrying in few days.

    The singer admitted that it is scary how much he is in love with Courteney Cox. According to him, the love he has for the actress is so strong that it can be too intense to think about because there is a lot to lose if it goes wrong.

    In his words: “I am in love even if I am difficult to love. It’s hard to love me. Love is hard because it feels like a lot, and if you feel a lot you have a lot to lose and a lot to gain. When something is there it can be scary and it can be hard but overall it is something that we decide to work on and we decide to put ourselves into. Like songs, it’s worth it because at the end you have something you get to treasure for the rest of your life.”

    Photo Credit: Getty

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