Josh Renaud Proposes To Girlfriend Brittany Hunter And Her 4 Children With 5 Rings: See The Emotional Moment She Says Yes!

According to Josh Renaud, when he was only four years old, the man he calls ‘dad’ proposed to his mother with a ring and also gave him a gold band, with the promise to always be there for him and his mother.

The proposal was an emotional moment for Josh Renaud and he thought to himself that if he would ever marry a woman who is also a mother, he would do exactly what his dad did.

On November 11, Josh Renaud proposed to his girlfriend Brittany Hunter and her four children with five rings.

He went down on one knee and asked Hunter to marry him with a ring for his future wife and each of her four children.

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In a TikTok video of the proposal, Renaud stands beside Hunter’s four kids wearing shirts that read “Can we call Josh dad?” When Hunter walks into the room and sees what’s happening she immediately starts to tear up.

He proposed to her with these words: “Brittany, you have shown me a kind of love that I never knew I was capable of feeling, and I would be honored to be your husband and these kids’ dad.”

After he popped the question to his girlfriend, Renaud gets back on one knee and asks the same question to each of her children. As he does this he opens up a box and also hands each of them a ring.

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