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    3 Years Of Loving You Hopelessly – Kemi Lala Akindoju And Chef Fregz Celebrate Wedding Anniversary

    Spending forever with the right person is an absolute joy, waking up to their face, watching them smile is the best thing we can ever imagine. For celebrity couple Kemi Lala Akindoju and her husband Chef Fregz this is the truth as they celebrate their wedding anniversary.

     Kemi Lala Akindoju And Chef Fregz Celebrate Wedding AnniversaryThe lovely couple took to social media to pen the most beautiful note to each other appreciating the journey so far, the friendship, the companionship, and above all the love that they share.  Kemi Lala Akindoju shared that the highlight of year 3 for her was becoming a mom as they welcomed their son Adeore.

    She wrote: ” 3 years married to this man and I know that next to giving my life Christ, this is the best decision I have made. We are now toddlers in this marriage journey, filled with ups and downs but doing it with you has made it enjoyable. Filled with genuine laughter, joy and love. I’m so grateful for this chef but even more grateful for the Holyspirit who is indeed our best friend and backbone.
    I love you, I love us, I love the version of myself you make me, I love how you father Adeore & I love our family. Ojú burúkú ò ní rí wa. Àárín wa ò ní dàrú ní orúko Jésù.
    Happy 3rd anniversary Mr A

    Chef Fregz also penned down the most beautiful message to his wife sharing that after several days and nights together he counts every moment with her as a blessing. He appreciated her for being his clarity in the fog, his strength in his weakness and he will always be grateful for the moment.

    “A thousand and ninety five sun rises after, we were three. We too now tell our stories of nights devoid of sleep, the quiet of the night interrupted with bouts of shrieks for food and unknown screams that command cuddling and rocking on your feet back to sleep. As the moon peels away for the new suns to rise, in the recollection of what the previous Days have been, from its torrential rains to its bellowing stormy days, it’s clear sunny weeks, it’s near harsh dry winds or it’s temperate days.

    All I count, blessings undeniable. Additions to my worth. Our worth. In this year, expansion of minds and sight has been my epilogue. Defeating limiting thoughts and destructive reasoning has been my triumph. In this year, I saw myself channel your strengths and accept my weaknesses grudgingly or not. The orchestra of my heart is raising a symphony of thanksgiving, strings of worship, percussions of praise for growth, discovery, resetting, solutions, and for life. For clarity through the fog. For grace through it all.
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